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 Watson Mini

Compact, Lightweight,

FBI Certified FAP 45 2-Print Scanner

– Automatic Spoof Rejection 

– Software-based Autodetect – Multiple Encryption Levels

Watson Mini encrypts communications between the scanner and external devices or applications using 256-bit AES keys and RSA algorithms. This closed-loop approach protects biometric data at the point of acquisition, across field wiring, and into the host application. By combining onboard security chipsets, private/public key structures, and industry best practices, Watson Mini ensures that sensitive personal information receives the highest level of scanner encryption currently available.

Watson Mini also contains protection against tampering through a unique calibration file installed in each serialized unit during production. Attempts to defeat Watson Mini’s security through disassembly or hardware damage alters the device’s calibration, rendering that device’s imagery unacceptable.

Watson Mini: FBI Appendix F  and FBI PIV Certification


· Rapid dry finger capture
· No need to clean latent prints in high-volume situations
· Easy integration via single SDK for all Integrated Biometrics FBI-certified products

· Unaffected by extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, or bright artificial lights
· Compact, lightweight, and rugged
· Rejects common spoofing attacks
· Emits no bright lights during scans
· Meets or exceeds US military durability specifications

· Competitive pricing
· Extremely low power consumption
· Eliminates consumables (silicone membranes or cleaning tape)
· Lower maintenance costs

“The Watson-Mini not only exceeds the FBI mobile ID specification but offers a new technology …the quality, size, weight and ease of use is far superior to any other livescan I have experienced.”

“The most impressive aspect of the Watson Mini is the quality of fingerprints I have captured from persons that are traditionally hard to print.”

Michael D. Linn-Kidwell, CDI Senior Public Safety Specialist for the Coroner’s Portable Livescan project

Retired Certified Latent Print Examiner for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department

Click here to download the Watson Mini Data sheet