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Thin, Compact and Lightweight,

FBI Certified FAP 45 2-Print Scanner

Size matters. So does weight. So do mobility and reliability. Integrated Biometrics’ Sherlock 2-finger FAP 45 scanner delivers FBI Certified Appendix F fingerprint images in an amazingly thin, lightweight format.

Sherlock enables 1-, 2-, and 10-finger enrollment and verification from a device that weighs just 55g / 1.94oz. Designed for both embedded and standalone applications, Sherlock combines performance and durability with the compact size and low power consumption that mobile identity management applications demand.

Sherlock : FBI Appendix F and FBI PIV Certification

· Rapid dry finger capture
· No need to clean latent prints in high-volume situations
· Easy integration via single SDK for all Integrated Biometrics FBI-certified products

· Unaffected by extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, or bright artificial lights
· Compact, lightweight, and rugged
· Rejects common spoofing attacks
· Emits no bright lights during scans
· Meets or exceeds US military durability specifications

· Competitive pricing
· Extremely low power consumption
· Eliminates consumables (silicone membranes or cleaning tape)
· Lower maintenance costs

Click here to download the Sherlock Data Sheet