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FBI Certified FAP 50

Mobile 10-Print Scanner

Integrated Biometrics’ revolutionary FIVE-0 is the first FBI-certified optical fingerprint scanner that delivers fast FAP 50 enrollment and verification in a package small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. Built for law enforcement, military, border control and national ID programs, FIVE-0 sets the standard for truly mobile identity management operations.

FIVE-0’s compact, lightweight design provides exceptional performance and reliability for field operations. It resists latent fingerprints, dirt, cold, heat, bright lights, and direct sunlight. There are no silicone membranes or light sources to replace. Each unit can operate for hours using power provided by a smartphone or other mobile device.

FIVE-0 uses Integrated Biometrics’ patented light-emitting sensor (LES) technology to deliver fixed and mobile FBI Certified fingerprint imaging in an exceptionally durable, lightweight scanner.

Five-0 : FBI Appendix F and ID FAP 50 Certifications

· Rapid dry finger capture
· No need to clean latent prints in high-volume situations
· Easy integration via single SDK for all Integrated Biometrics FBI Certified products

· Unaffected by extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, or bright artificial lights
· Compact, lightweight, and rugged
· Rejects common spoofing attacks
· Emits no bright lights during scans
· Meets or exceeds US military durability specifications

· Competitive pricing
· Extremely low power consumption
· Eliminates consumables (silicone membranes or cleaning tape)
· Lower maintenance costs

Click here to download the Five – 0 Data Sheet